When standard, off-the-shelf software doesn’t fit the bill, I help companies build tailored and streamlined solutions that match their requirements, with accuracy and consistency; and focusing in delivering not only a product that does the job, but which is also secure, stable and robust.

With more than 10 years of experience developing software for Linux-based platforms, I can help with any task in the life-cycle of the product:

  • Feature planning.
  • Software and architecture design.
  • Development of new capabilities.
  • Development of testing infrastructure.
  • Overall maintenance and bug fixing.

You can refer to my developer profile in OpenHub to check all the Free and Open Source Software projects in which I have collaborated recently.

Integration & Support

It is not uncommon for companies to build their own products on top of already existing Linux-based distributions, like Red Hat, Debian or OpenWRT. I help businesses integrate their solutions into these systems, providing always a maintainable and standardized approach.

My target is always to find the perfect platform that enables businesses to focus on their own product, not in how the product needs to fit in the operating system.

Consultancy & Training

My experience in Software Development and my background as a Telecommunications Engineer allow me to provide my customers with best-practice solutions. As a consultant, I share my expertise to help in taking the correct technical or design decisions. If requested by the client, I can also be on charge of the development efforts as a Project Manager.

I am able to provide generic or customized training courses for independent professionals or companies about multiple subjects, including software maintenance, release management procedures, version control systems (e.g. git), development with general purpose libraries (e.g. Glib/GIO,…), or any other topic in my area of expertise that you may find interesting.