Over the past few years I have worked as a software consultant, developing new features to already existing software or even writing completely new tools from scratch. Below you can find a short list of some of the customers I’ve worked for.
Of course, I would love to have your company included in that list, so don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your projects.

Google Google uses ModemManager, libqmi and libmbim in their mobile broadband connection stack for the Chrome OS platform. As part of the work with them, I improved ModemManager to support multi-mode LTE capable devices, wrote libqmi and implemented QMI (Qualcomm Gobi) support from scratch, and several other improvements for both 3GPP and 3GPP2 devices. I’m co-maintainer of all those three tools, so all the improvements went directly to the upstream source code repository, making them available for every other distribution to pick up. Most Linux-based operating systems already ship all these new features.
Safran Passenger Innovations (previously Zodiac Inflight Innovations) is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment systems. I’ve worked for SPI/ZII since 2013, implementing lots of different software libraries and programs: the LTE connection management stack; a consolidated data system that receives ARINC429 words and/or ethernet frames from the airplanes’ data systems and normalizes them into a common API; a library and application to manage MagTek credit card readers; a complete flight simulator application that mimics the airplanes’ data systems before, during and after a flight; a generic RATP protocol library implementation plus another one to integrate with the barebox bootloader; reverse-engineered protocol and wrote a new library and command line tool to configure, monitor and upgrade firmware in 3M touchscreen controllers; a program to monitor RX/TX power levels in optic fiber network links; the qmi-firmware-update program to upgrade firmware in multiple Sierra Wireless WWAN modules, a customized Android system for Samsung Galaxy tablets; system applications to integrate with seat movement actuators; and many many other things. Safran
Velocloud Velocloud (now part of VmWare) provides one of the most advanced SD-WAN systems for businesses of any size. I’ve worked for Velocloud since 2015, helping with the integration and support of mobile broadband modems in their OpenWrt-based edge devices.
NIO is a Chinese car manufacturer, one of the leaders of the electric vehicle business in China. I worked for NIO between 2017 and 2019, leading the software integration of the LTE module and main Internet routing capabilities in the connectivity box for their ES8 and ES6 models. NIO
Azetti Azetti Networks is a company which provides carrier-grade platforms and services for mobile operators. I designed from scratch and started developing a new highly-scalable VoIP server system for half-duplex Push-To-Talk communications for Nokia and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) capable devices. The system is running in multiple mobile operators all over the world. In addition to the development of lots of the components of the system, I also managed the 5-6 people team and led the first deployment of the system.
I worked for Nokia in the team building the Tracker content management system for their MeeGo platform, which was released along with the Nokia N9 device some years ago. The Tracker project is still being used in desktop systems (like the ones based in the GNOME desktop) and in other new mobile platforms, like Jolla. Nokia
Trimble The SNM-941 is a Trimble product which acts as dedicated hotline for sending and receiving vital information from the field such as design updates, GNSS corrections, Telematics, production information, and remote tech support. I helped integrate ModemManager into this product to support a new Cinterion LTE capable modem as well as various networking related bug fixes.
3JTech builds 3G/4G enabled router devices. I backported both cdc_ncm and cdc_mbim kernel drivers for them from kernel 3.16 back to the 2.6.21 being used in their RaLink board, in order to handle LTE datarates in their SMIII SuperModem platform. logo
Ammonit Ammonit is a leading provider of datalogger systems for wind measurement purposes. Their system relies on ModemManager to have mobile broadband connectivity, and I worked with them to implement support for several new kinds of devices, including pure RS232 based modems or even Iridium satellite modems.
Hautespot required to use the QMI protocol to communicate with Qualcomm Gobi modems in a MIPS embedded platform, using the OpenWRT operating system. I started to develop libqmi and the related qmicli and qmi-network command line interface tools for them, which are now all available in most Linux-based distributions. Hautespot