I’ve focused myself to be an expert in the following projects and areas:

Networking solutions

I am co-maintainer and developer of several standard mobile networking tools available in every modern Linux-based distribution:

  • ModemManager is a system daemon which acts as an abstraction layer providing a unified interface for lots of different kinds of 2G/3G/4G modems.
  • libqmi is a general purpose library which provides access to the Qualcomm MSM Interface (QMI) protocol, available in Qualcomm Gobi devices.
  • libmbim is the library which implements support for the Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) protocol designed under the umbrella of the USB Implementors Forum.

In addition to the previous projects, I also contribute regularly on the NetworkManager networking suite, which provides a unified experience to every network related aspect in a Linux based distribution.

Linux & Embedded

Building a customized Linux-based distribution for embedded devices is a straightforward task with projects like Yocto or OpenWRT. Still, clients may need new kernel drivers for hardware enablement, or have their applications ported to another architecture like MIPS or ARM.

Being fluent in low-level C programming, I can help with the development of new Linux kernel drivers or user-space integration of hardware devices.

I also have proven experience backporting network drivers to older kernel versions (e.g. cdc-mbim to 2.6.21).


Tracker is a semantic data storage and file indexer, used in multiple systems like phones (e.g. Nokia N9 MeeGo, Jolla, …) or In-vehicle Infotainment Systems (IVI). I am one of the core developers of this system, and can provide professional support for companies wanting to use Tracker.

I have been providing professional support on the GTK+ toolkit for some years, especially in the non-default Windows and HTML5/Broadway backends.