Generic consultancy and support

I am a Telecommunications Engineer with more than 15 years of experience developing software for Linux-based platforms. I have the strong background that contributing to open source software gives, plus the extensive knowledge that engineering studies provide in a broad range of areas.

I can help with any task in the life-cycle of a product, from getting the hands dirty and developing the software myself, to managing the team of developers that will do it:

  • Feature planning.
  • Software and architecture design.
  • Development of new capabilities.
  • Development of testing infrastructure.
  • Overall maintenance and bug fixing.

I am also able to provide generic or customized training courses for independent professionals or companies about multiple subjects, including software maintenance, release management procedures, version control systems (e.g. git), development with general purpose libraries (e.g. Glib/GIO,…), or any other topic in my area of expertise that you may find interesting.