Generic hardware integration

I am an expert in writing low level system libraries and tools to communicate with hardware of any kind, using a lot of different protocols and buses. Although my main expertise is still WWAN modems, I have also been contracted to write software to integrate with very different types of devices.

These are some of the systems and hardware devices I have been able to successfully integrate with:

  • Airbus RSA/NSS/CIDS and Boeing CSS/RDC2/RDC5.
  • Generic ARINC429 streams with RTX429 or AIM429 adapters.
  • Multiple types of airplane seat controllers (e.g. Zodiac and Crane actuators, Gentherm heating, Lantal cushion pumps…).
  • MagTek credit card readers.
  • 3M touchscreen controllers.
  • 2D barcode scanners.
  • Custom hardware crypto blocks.

The hardware integration is obviously simpler and better with proper protocol documentation, but when that is not available, reverse-engineering the communication e.g. capturing USB or network traffic is sometimes also possible.